Basement Foundation Wall Moisture Barrier

Concrete is porous! Like a sponge, concrete will wick water from the exterior damp soils into the interior of your finished or unfinished basement.

Our Rigid Wall Guard system acts as a moisture barrier between the basement foundation wall and finished items in your basement (framing, insulation, sheet rock). It’s tough and rigid construction and dimpled face ensures that moisture from the foundation wall, or unknown cracks or rock pockets that can develop behind finished walls, will never cause thousands of dollars in water damage when you least expect it to.

Wall Guard also doubles as a Thermal Floor protection system to raise you up off the floor for hard wood floors and carpet applications.

Whether your basement is finished, unfinished, or you are about to remodel your basement, the Wall Guard system and Thermal Floor system is specifically designed to keep you and your home dry and healthy.

*Wall Guard is provided in conjunction with interior drainage systems and not sold separately.

Request a free inspection to fix or prevent water damage in your basement with a moisture barrier!

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