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Do you have water in your basement or crawl space? Is there mold or mildew affecting the air quality in your home? It's likely you need basement or crawl space drainage. Perma Dry offers a wide variety of common sense solutions to your wet basement or crawl space problems. Learn more here in our blog. When you're ready, give us a call and schedule an appointment.

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Simple Sump Pump Maintenance Practices

Sump pumps work hard and are a very low maintenance appliance.  They are critical to keeping unwanted water out of your basement. By checking your sump pump at least once a year, you will be able to help prolong the life of the sump and ensure it is ready to pump water efficiently when you will need it most. August and September are the perfect time of year to perform your maintenance and prevent common catastrophes caused by a failing pumps in the winter.

If you want to avoid coming home to a basement full of water, perform scheduled maintenance on your sump pump every six months. Mark it on your calendar to help you remember. If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own pump maintenance and parts replacement, you can always contact Perma Dry Waterproofing for our pump and system maintenance services.

Functional Check

Run the pump until there is almost no water left in the pit. Turn off the backup battery and unplug the pump. Remove the sump pump from the discharge pipe pipe by using a read more…

Foundation Crack Repair In Seattle / Tacoma

Foundation Crack Repairs

In the greater Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue area, foundation wall cracks are common. Fixing them to never leak again is not as easy as slapping concrete on the inside wall.  Leaking walls can form for a variety of reasons and come from a verity of sources and not all repairs are the same or as reliable.

Wall cracks typically form when there is stress on the concrete foundation wall. Either shifts in the earth that cause the house to move or settle ever so slightly, around the bottom corners of windows, or in drop down foundations built into hill slopes.

Rock pockets (clumps of stone and rock that can run horizontally across a wall) existed when the foundation wall was built, but it was a read more…

Crawl Space Water in Bellevue – Where does it come from?

Prevent water build under your home with quality services from Crawl Space Professionals.

Your crawl space under your home may be the last place you would think there could be a home repair issue to deal with, but your crawl space is a major and integral part of your home. You live, sleep, and enjoy the comforts of your home over your crawl space every day.  Keeping the space dry, neat and clean  to prevent water, moisture and mold issues in your home is just as important as closing the front door in the winter time….it just makes common sense.

Where does crawl space water come from?

Crawl spaces typically take on water from only two sources; the roof drain pipes (or lack there of) or seasonal rain driven ground water.  Either the roof drainage around the read more…

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