The Problem with Pests: Why You Should Do Something About It

Written by Ryan Winders on . Posted in Pests and Rodents

With the exception of the cute, tamed rats you can find in any pet store, the common rat is not a welcome guest in your home.

These pesky pests burrow, gnaw, and squeeze into your home through the tiniest cracks, and then they wreak havoc on your home’s insulation, electrical systems, and foundation. Some species breed year-round, and if the conditions are right, a pair of rats could potentially produce a colony of 2,000 rats in a year.

If you suspect your home has rats or mice, it’s important to deal with the problem quickly before they cause some serious damage.

What Harm Do They Cause?

Rats might not be big in size (on average), but together, a colony of rats can put your health and

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