Foundation Repair and Crawl Space Post Replacement

Settling soil, dry rot or water damaged supports posts, or mold damage may be causing squeaking floors or cracks in your ceiling.

As part of our Crawlspace Restoration service or Crawl Space Drainage services we can replace or add new structural posts. Our new posts are installed with appropriate soil support pads and earthquake strapping brackets. We provide repairs to foundation cracks, leaking footing spreaders, and general structural repairs. Ask your representative about your concerns or needs.

Our crawlspace encapsulating system, Concrete for Crawl Spaces, is the ultimate in foundation repair issues. Our thick structural concrete installed to seal the floor of your crawlspace prevents additional settling or movement of posts, pier blocks, washouts, or undermining of the foundation from water.

Contact the crawlspace conversion experts for a free inspection of your crawl space today!

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