Moisture Barriers for Crawl Spaces in Tacoma & Seattle, WA

A typical crawlspace can release up to 10 gallons of water or more a day in the form of vapors, so a good sturdy and reliable crawlspace vapor barrier is important. A vapor barrier is some sort of material that covers the soil in your crawl space to help limit the amount of moisture that evaporates out of soil.

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Building codes only require a minimal thin .06 mil plastic barrier and lots of air vents in the side of your house to vent moisture. While this sounds nice, it actually can have the reverse affect by letting moisture and cold winter air into your crawl space. A thin plastic or foil barrier, while inexpensive to install, does not protect against the damages of standing ground water, moisture from foundation walls, soil gases, mold, rodents and insects, and all the harmful effects on your family and home.

Concrete for Crawl Spaces, a crawl space encapsulation system, will permanently seal out burrowing rodents, stop evaporating moisture, and provide a cleaner and healthier living environment. Whether you are trying to lock out rodents, increase storage space, reduce energy bills, or just seal your crawl space soils the permanent way, crawlspace encapsulating with Concrete for Crawl Spaces is the one time solution to your vapor barrier problems.

Perma Dry Waterproofing also offers our Clean ‘n’ Dry Liner system, a heavy gauge .20 mil polyurethane reinforced plastic liner installed to cover all foundation walls and floors. The seamless barrier will lock out moisture, mold, and prevent crawl space odors.

With our upgrade “conditioning” services, you can winterize your crawl space air vents by sealing out cold winter air and moisture.

Code compliant .06 mil vapor barriers are only offered through our Crawl Space Drainage service and our Crawl Space Restoration service.

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