Interior Basement Drainage Systems

A common and practical approach to keeping your basement free of water is an interior basement drainage system.

The Perma Dry Waterproofing basement system is specifically designed for Northwest building practices and installed to ensure that the below slab drainage cannot cause mold or air quality issues the way many other patent or quick fix solutions can.

Placed below the slab of the basement floor at the lowest possible depths, the Perma Dry Waterproofing foundation drainage system is designed to lower the water level under the slab, helping to prevent water from rising from the edges or through floor cracks in the basement slab. Installed with high quality perforated PVC pipe, sweeping corners, and system maintenance ports, we provide a Life of the Structure guarantee against failure!

  • Prevents mold and poor air quality in the home
  • Built to conform to Northwest building practices
  • Lowers the water table below the slab
  • Prevents middle of the floor leaking / moist cracks
  • Designed for any sized footing or floor thickness

Leaking basement foundation walls and rock pockets are covered with our Wall Guard system to keep your house dry and safe at a fraction of the cost of many other methods.

We have been providing “common sense” basement drainage systems since 1996 and we offer a full list of interior and exterior drainage solutions to meet your needs.

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By Aaron Calvo

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