Waterproofing Services for the Covington, WA Area

In Covington, WA, you know that you can expect your fair share of rain throughout the year. With proper preparation, Perma Dry Waterproofing can keep your building dry all year long.

Keep Your Covington Home or Businesses Dry

When you start to see leaks in your foundation or small puddles in the basement, you know that bigger problems might soon follow. Water might compromise important documents and files for your company or ruin retail items before they hit the shelves. In your home, a flooded basement could mean an entire remodel and a greater risk of mold and bacteria issues.

We will help you find the perfect waterproofing solution for your building through any combination of the following services:

With all of our services, we offer a written guarantee that your building will stay dry long after we leave.

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Don’t wait for your basement moisture problems to worsen. Call us toll free at 1-800-584-9118 or send us a message online to discuss waterproofing options for your home or business.

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