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The constant wet of the Pacific Northwest can damage your home quickly, especially the foundation, basement, and crawl space. Whether you’re a brand-new, first-time homeowner or you have lived in your Tacoma, WA home for years, you need the security that comes from waterproofing and proper drainage.

We at PermaDry Waterproofing provide basement waterproofing solutions and other services that will protect your home from Puget Sound’s damp climate. Trust us to prevent and repair water damage.

Drainage Systems and Solutions

We focus on preventative measures that will keep water from destroying your home’s foundation. We also use creative, affordable solutions to repair water damage and keep mold, odors, and rodents away from the damaged areas.

Our services include:

Don’t let Tacoma’s constant rain destroy the enormous investment your home represents. Our waterproofing solutions and repair are fast, reliable, and cost-efficient. You can trust us to protect your home.

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Call our Tacoma, WA office today at 253-627-1870 to speak with one of our technicians, get a free estimate, and schedule your waterproofing services. We look forward to serving you soon.

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