Basement System Maintenance and Warranty

The basement drainage system in your home is an integral part of the structure. Without it, several water issues and damage could arise. Knowing how your system works and what components require regular maintenance is important to your home and health.

Annual Service for Sump Pumps / Flushing Drain Pipes:

If you want it last, careful maintenance of your sump pump system or drainage system will help to ensure your system is running at peak performance when you need it most.


  • Clean the sump basins, sump pump intake valves, and replace vital moving parts and inspect the system in the clean out ports.
  • Flush interior drain pipes for dirt build up and debris (additional).
  • Water-jet sump pump or downspout discharge lines to remove debris (additional).

Warranty Calls:

We back all our basement drainage services with a guarantee that if we fix it, it will stay dry. Sometimes concerns arise or the system does not function as planned. Many issues that are not a warranty related can be avoided by performing an annual maintenance service before winter rains hit.

Please note: Heavy winter storms will mean slower response times. We respond to warranty calls on a first come first serve basis.

If it is a warranty related issues, we will make any repairs possible at the scheduled date and time of your visit and schedule additional visits if we cannot fix it on the spot. We do not charge for warranty repaired items covered under the repair guarantee issued at the time of purchase. Inspections and repairs not covered by the warranty carry charges for initial inspections plus extra labor and materials.

Call us at 1-800-584-9118 for details about our warranty inspection policy.

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