Foundation Crack Repair and Wall Leak Repair

Even if a concrete foundation crack is not leaking now, eventually water will find it. These leaky wall cracks due to drying shrinkage, thermal movement, and other causes can grow larger and cause big headaches, such as loss of structural integrity or, more commonly, water leaking into your furnished basement and other living spaces.

In most cases homeowners can fix these crack leaks permanently—without the need of disruptive excavation— using low-pressure injection of epoxy or polyurethane foam repair materials. Crack injection has been an accepted way of tackling leak and crack repairs on basement foundations and walls for many years without the need for damaging and costly exterior excavation.


  • Where dirt removal is extensive, deep, or blocked by landscaping.
  • Long horizontal or angled cracks.
  • Below grade basements, parking garages, electrical vaults, elevator pits, and more.

Our injection material is flexible for contracting and expanding concrete…so it lasts!

*Perma Dry Waterproofing does not recommend injection for fixing floor or cove joint seepage. Call for details.

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By Aaron Calvo

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